Welcome to Tender Years! We now have many different ways of paying your child’s tuition. 

1. Cash or Check

Include your child’s name and class with all tuition payments. Please make checks payable to Loveland Tender Years. There is an envelope in the hall for tuition payments or you can give tuition to Emily Lentz.  You can also mail tuition to:

                Loveland Tender Years

                PO Box 112

                Loveland, OH 45140

Please note that while I try to deposit checks on a weekly basis, there may be a delay in processing. If you are concerned about long processing times, please pay online or with cash.

2. Pay Online with a Credit Card

We now accept credit cards on our website Click on the Tuition Payments button and add your child’s class to the cart. To cover the cost of fees, there is a convenience charge of $2.70 for 3’s classes and $3.59 for 4’s. The total due when paying online with a credit card is $82.70 for 3’s tuition and $113.59 for 4’s.

If you would like to pay online for an amount other than $80 or $110, please email Kristy at to get an invoice including fees.

Payments are due on the 1st school day of the month.

Late Fees

$10 after the 7th day

Your child can no longer attend class after the 13th day until tuition is paid

If you are having difficulty making payments, please contact the board so we can try to make arrangements for you, confidentially.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition can only be refunded if your child has not attended any days for that month. May tuition is refundable. Please inform us ASAP if you need to withdraw. In case of illness existing for more than 75% of the school month, the board may offer 50% tuition reimbursement at the board’s discretion.